Jan Copeland


Meet the Artist, Jan Copeland

Jan Copeland has been working in clay since the mid ‘80s. Jan states, “Textures, colors, and shapes draw me in. She mixes her own glazes and use commercial glazes as well. She utilizes high fire, raku, and sawdust firing techniques and is always experimenting with new ideas and techniques.”

Jan has taken workshops with Helen Phillips, Harvey Sadow, and Peter King, who have motivated her to venture into new areas of creativity.

That creativity lately includes garden pieces, sculpture, architectural ceramics, and wall pieces combining sticks, rocks, crystals, and other found objects. The work also includes totems and totem lamps of various sizes, as well as functional ceramics.

Jan has also worked with Judy and Lincoln Tafoya on the celebrated Santa Clara Pueblo in New Mexico. The Tafoyas include five generations of potters, and this experience was truly special.

Jan’s studio is in an old barn structure adjacent to her home, located in the forest between Hot Springs and Mount Ida, Arkansas.

Visit Jan’s website by clicking here.