Raenette Ellison

Meet the Artist, Raenette Ellison

Raenette has an interest in drawing in grade school and had a general art class there.  She didn’t start doing anything until the early 1990s when she started painting with acrylics on wooden decorations that she had cut out.  She had never painted pictures or used oils until the fall of 1993.  She took a class at the Gallery and was hooked on painting!  Then she started going every week to Story and painted with a group of great women with the same interest in painting.  They were all taught and encouraged by a great artist, Marge Graham.  Raenette was encouraged by this group to show her paintings at the Gallery.  Not being able to decide if she wanted to pursue oil or acrylics, she continued in both. Ms. Ellison is a member of the Gallery and her art is shown here, at the Civic Center and has been shown at Garvan Gardens.