The table below lists the artists and artisans who are members of Ouachita Artists.

This table lists the members of The Ouachita Artists, their areas of concentration, and a brief description of their work. The name of the artist may be set up as a link to a page that provides more information.
ArtistAreas of Concentration
Jane BabbittPainting, Drawing, Illustrations
Jan CopelandCeramics
Sharon DumasOil Painting
Allie GravesPainting
David KimballWoodworking, Photography
Mary Ann ShawPhotography
Raenette EllisonOil and Acrylics
Marge GrahamPainting
Velma LippertMixed Media
Dortha ScottOil Painting
Jan Briggs
Wayne BearnsWatercolor, Photography
Barbara HoltOil Painting
Jimmye B. SmithAcrylics, Oil Painting, Watercolors, Graphite Pencil
Phyllis AndersonPainting
Martha KoelemayOil Painting, Pastels
Carol CarpenterOil Painting, Acrylics
Mary Alice BlackAcrylics, Drawing